2 Workspace Furniture Options That Might Interest You

There are a number of popular options that exist when it comes to office furniture. However, there are inexpensive ones that might suit your budget and that you’ve probably not heard of.

If you’ve already got a great workspace but not sure what furniture to buy, then here are 2 options that might interest you:

#1: Martha Stewart Blair Desk

It might not make sense when you put the words ‘Martha Stewart’ and a tech-friendly organized desk together. However, it was not long ago that her brand has put out a rather inexpensive Parsons-style desk that has both integrated outlets as well as USB ports, and which amounts to $200 in all.


Of course, if you’ve got a number of gadgets to charge, this desk might not be suited to your needs. However, it should be enough just in case you have a laptop as well as a couple of mobile devices.

The way it is organized, desktop users can also use this separate power source for desktop electronics apart from a pull-out keyboard tray which will allow you to keep your desk a little cleaner.

#2: Plummers Network Plus Sit/Stand Desk

A number of people are switching to standing while they work and this brand allows for them to do both. Since you can’t sit or stand all day, it only makes sense that the desk is able to convert between both and rather effortlessly too.

If you want to sit, you just have to push a couple of buttons to raise the desk or vice-versa if you want to raise its height. This is made easy by a mechanical motor that handles all the adjustments.

Of course, there are a number of other options available given that it isn’t the first standing desk to be created. However, if you like it, it costs about $599.

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