3 Enduring Motifs Used on Furniture

The use of motifs on furniture has persisted over the age – some more popular than others. They can be either carved, painted or even printed on furniture too.

But some of these have endured because of the lasting beauty that they offer to the object that bears these motifs.

Here are 3 of these common motifs used on furniture:

1: Pineapple

This pattern was introduced in Europe when Columbus returned to Spain. As obvious, it caught in a number of other countries too and one could easily find it in both furnishings as well as architecture. It must also be pointed out that the shape of the fruit brings with it a number of purposes.

 hermonsfurniture2: Peacocks

Thanks to the beautiful plumage that they bear, this bird is represented in paintings as well as in all types of home furnishings. From a symbolic standpoint, it has come to represent immortality and beauty. Even if it has been popular for ages, the Art Nouveau period was when the peacock became an artform of its own. You can find it on rugs, pillows, lamps, wall papers and vases.

3: Greek Key

This pattern is characterized by decorative border that is a continuous line. It has enjoyed a resurgence off late. Its origins are in Greece and is one that has been used by the Romans too. As for meaning, it symbolizes infinity. Of course, what it also conveys is geometric simplicity and is usually found on wall decor and architecture, rugs, fabric and furniture.

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