5 ways to add plants into your home

harmonsfurniture june 2016Plants in your home, provide cleaner air and bring a sense of tranquility into any home. At home plants are also a fun way to add colour to a space and since your vessels are safe from the elements, you can get creative and spend more. Here are 5 ways to incorporate plants into your home

Choosing your vessels – You could buy your pots from a garden store or choose to recycle or make your own pots. For example vintage sap buckets or little clay pots are a good choice. It is best to keep your colours neutral or choose a variety of bright shades.

Air plants – Air plants are plants that need a dip in water once a week for approximately 20 minutes. They are great for busy homeowners, who don’t have time to water their plants regularly.

3 Succulents – Succulents are plants like cactus and aloe vera. They require little to no watering but require sun light. Place such plants near a window sill that gets light throughout the day.

Regular house plants – Regular house plants are a good addition to the living room or the bedroom. However, they require a lot more maintenance. Understand your plant and try not to overwater it. To check if your plant needs watering, have a look at the moisture levels of the plant’s soil.

Grouping plants – Grouping plants, draws more attention to your plants. Start with investing in small plant racks and place different textures of plants in one group.

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