7 Amazing DIY headboards

harmonsfurnitureFor a bed to look complete, it always needs a headboard. A headboard is considered the focal point of a room and helps to give a room character. However, buying a headboard can be an expensive proposition. Here are some headboards that will cost next to nothing, but are big on impact.

Headboard filled with books – To create this headboard you will need a collection of old thrift books, plywood, nails, and tape. Just simply laay the books open, directly through the middle and lay them on the plywood. Secure with nails and tape.

Refurbished headboards – Look at your local second-hand store or flea market for old headboards with character. Use a bit of paint and reupholstering and you have got a unique piece.

Double drapery – A canopy for a headboard can be romantic and soft. Make sure you choose a heavy fabric that drapes well.

Rugs – Buy a Moroccan themed rug and use it as a headboard, by attaching it to plywood. Make sure you get a rug with detail and embossing for drama.

Nightlight – Your headboard can double up as the night-light. Simply choose light colored plywood planks and cut out working such as “night, night” or “sleep, tight”. Then add some fairy lights around the wording. This is also a fun idea for a kid’s room.

Landscape – If you’re looking to create a mood, you should paint a landscape behind your bed. This will give the room an instant theme and feel.


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