Basic garage door maintenance

Most household maintenance lists do not include garage doors. However, with just a little bit of you get the most out of the lifetime of the garage doors and avoid calling a garage door repair Atlanta. Here are a few things you should do at least every year:


Use a solvent like WD-40 on all rollers, hinges, roller tracks, hinges. This will keep all these mechanical parts moving along nicely. Over time grime and grit can get in and you will have to clean these to make sure it does not lead to larger issues. If you run into any difficulties then stop to avoid any damage and call garage door services Atlanta.


Wipe everything clean. The above parts should be cleaned, lubricated and the oiled. The gate itself should be cleaned with soap and water. Dirt on the gate itself can cause additional friction and will also add to the weight that the motor will have to lift.

Weather stripping

There is weather stripping on both the sides of the garage door and sometimes at the bottom. Check them and make sure they are not getting jammed at the point of the process. It also might be necessary to replace them if it is coming apart.


Wooden garage doors will require slightly different maintenance. The likelihood is that it will not have bottom weatherstripping. If so, then the wood will need to be sealed and then painted. Small bits of damage can be touched up whenever needed.


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