Best ways to paint rattan furniture for outdoor use

Rattan furniture takes time to be painted evenly, but painting your outdoor furniture could not only increase its look but also its durability. You can get really creative with a wide range of colors for unexpected and original outdoor decor.

Rattan furniture should be brushed with a scrub brush to loosen any old dirt, and hosed off to clean it. Then sand a painted piece lightly so the new coat of paint will stick. Finally, give the dry, prepared rattan as many coats of spray paint as it takes to cover the furniture thoroughly. Spray lightly each time so the paint won’t glop, collect in crevices or run. When you’re satisfied with the results and the piece is transformed and bone dry, give it one last spray of clear protective finish so it will withstand the unpredictable summer weather on your porch, patio or garden terrace.

The paint layer can wear off over time. This exposes the fibers to heat and dryness. Use a natural lubricant such as lemon oil or boiled linseed oil periodically to recondition your rattan, and periodically apply a new coat of varnish, shellac or a similar sealant.

Make sure to cover your rattan furniture, during the rainy season. You can also clean your cushions regularly with a cleaner. This will help keep the fabric free of mold and mildew.

Article written by Wicker Paradise. All these useful tips will help you in painting the rattan furniture in such a way that they can last for a longer duration of time.


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