Buying furniture for your lunchroom

Article Written by : Green Party US

If you have a large number of staff, you may require a spacious lunchroom for your staff to eat their meals comfortably. Here are a few areas to consider before you invest in furniture for your lunchroom.

Sizes – You should consider the height of your chairs or stools before you select your tables. Table tops also come in a variety of widths and lengths to support different needs as well as different sizes and styles of seating. For example, if you opt for benches, you will need lower tables.

Benches, stools or chairs – If you want to ensure that your space is kept neat and tidy, you could look at benches that are attached to the table. Usually, these designs are also easily foldable for quick storage if your lunchroom is also used for other purposes, like meetings and events. Stools, on the other hand, are more suited for company’s that want their employees to enjoy a quick lunch and reduce the time spent eating lunch. Chairs, on the other hand, are very comfortable but are more expensive.

Finishing options – For durable materials look at steel frames with chrome Another alternative is painted tables and chairs, which will provide a wide array of color choices. Some tables and chairs also come with matching vinyl edging for a more durable finish. For durability and easy cleanup, it is best to look at a high-pressure laminate that will reduce scratched and can be easily wiped clean.

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