How to buy outdoor furniture cushions

Article by Dyro Web Refreshing your outdoors can be as easy as buying new cushions and fabrics. However, it is important that you invest in outdoor specific fabrics and cushions as they will ensure that your outdoor furniture stays looking its best for longer. Here are some tips on how to buy outdoor furniture cushions. […]

How to furnish a holiday home?

Article by Kirby Design If you’re looking at furnishing your holiday home and yet are on a small budget, here are some simple ideas that can create a welcoming holiday home for less. Pick a theme – Your holiday home should have a distractive theme as this will create a mood for you, your family […]

The DIY Guide to Renovating Without a Team

Summary: Renovations made by yourself, rather than with a team of seasoned professionals, require more preparations but could be worth the effort.   Making changes to your house, whether for structural, safety, or aesthetic purposes, could feel daunting. If you do not have the background and proper experience with construction work, picking up a drill […]

7 Amazing DIY headboards

For a bed to look complete, it always needs a headboard. A headboard is considered the focal point of a room and helps to give a room character. However, buying a headboard can be an expensive proposition. Here are some headboards that will cost next to nothing, but are big on impact. Headboard filled with […]