Comparison between PO Box and private mailbox

Article by Better Backyards

Post office box (PO Box) or private mailboxes (PMB) rental are two major choices when you need a postal address. You can compare both of them before deciding which one you want to set up.

If you want to maintain privacy, and a clear separation between your work and personal life, it’s best not to advertise your home address to the world. In such cases, it is best to have a private mailbox rather than PO Box.

Private mailboxes are secure and convenient. Personal mailbox services provide a secure addressfor the mail, sign for your deliveries, and inform you about your mail or even deliver to a forwarding address, when you are travelling.

A PO Box is a secure address for standard mail, delivered through the postal service. The PO Box providers won’t accept anything that has to be signed for, and will never contact you to inform you about your mail.

Private mailbox service providers usually keep longer opening hours, as compared to PO Box offices. The inclusion of a personal mailbox address immediately gives potential customers great confidence in you.

PO Box is ideal place to store your mail only for a short duration of time. However, if you need your mail to be collected regularly, without any danger of your mail getting lost or stolen, then you should consider going for a private mailbox. This will not only prevent mail theft, but also ensures that you receive your mail right on time.

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