Creating outdoor patio lighting

Summary: Lighting sets the mood for any outdoor space, and it is critical to get it right. However, people hold back from setting up lighting for fear of making permanent changes to their homes. Here is a method that uses a pole and a planter to give you some outdoor lighting options.

The one thing that can make or break an outdoor space is the lighting. Those who are new to setting up outdoor spaces should know that bad lighting can let down even the best laid out space. The fear of making permanent changes holds a lot of people back from experimenting with outdoor lighting. However, there is a way to light your patio without making any permanent changes.

Homes with pergolas are the easiest to light. However, if you don’t have have a deck, or a pergola, then this solution might be right for you. The setup revolves around using one or more long poles placed in tall planters (for stability).

The height of the pole can be the same as the lowest point of the patio roof. For most houses, this will be around ten feet. Drill holes at the top of the pole with two-inch gaps to place bolts and connecting the lines that will hold the lighting.

Place the pole in the middle of the planter and fill it with quick dry cement. Follow the directions on the cement package. Once the cement is dry, cover the top with something decorative like stones. Now all you need to do is connect the pole to the house and clip the lights on to your light strand. The number and type of lights are up to you, as well as how you provide power.

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