Decorating a rented apartment on a budget

Article by eGardening Today

Decorating a rental apartment can be difficult as most renters have to work with the existing walls, floors, cabinets, and other finishes. Since renters will live in a rental for at least a year, it is important to make your rental space your own to give your space personality. Here are a few budget-friendly ways to personalize your rental apartment.

Walls – Budget friendly prints can be easily purchased online. Look at placing your prints in frames that match your sense of style. Wall decals are also a good idea as they can be easily applied and removed with no damage to the original wall. Put up some curtains to add texture and color to your walls and to block unwanted sunlight. If you are allowed to paint your rental, look at a painting the walls in a neutral shade that will highlight your art, furniture, and decor.

Floors – Throw rugs are a good option if your flooring does not match your décor. Look at warm, neutral colors and simple patterns that will enhance your space.

Lighting – Most fixtures in rentals will be cheap. Look at investing in stand-alone lamps that you can then take with you when you move.

Furniture – Rental apartments are usually small, so consider furniture that is versatile and those that have built-in storage solutions. Sound investments include a sofa bed, ottomans and coffee tables with storage at the base.

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