Dining table shapes and which one is right for you?

Choosing a dining table can be a significant decision, as you want the dining table you choose to match your style, room and also your lifestyle. Here are some common dining table shapes and their advantages.

Rectangular dining tables – Rectangular dining tables are the most common because most dining rooms are rectangular. To sit and eat comfortably experts recommend a shape that is between 36” to 42” across. Narrower dining tables are available, but you may find it challenging to sit people on both ends. You could, however, have a smaller dining table if you have a sideboard that can be used to place your dishes so that guests can help themselves before they sit to eat.

Square dining tables – Invest in a square dining table if you have a square room and don’t need to sit a large group of people. If you need more space, look at a square dining table that extends when required. Square shaped dining tables are intimate and promote conversation.

Round dining tables – Smaller or square rooms will benefit from a round dining table. Round dining tables are also intimate and safer if you have small children as they don’t have sharp edges. However, round dining tables are best for small gatherings of four to six dinners.

Oval dining tables – Oval dining tables occupy less space than a rectangular dining table of the same length. Oval dining tables can also sit more people in a narrow room.

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