Four types of office furniture design explained

The style of office furniture that is chosen for a business, ultimately speaks a lot about the company’s culture to their employees and customers. Here are four types of office furniture designs and what your design style says about you as a business.

Modern office design – These offices are modern and sleek with contemporary furniture and artwork. This modernistic style says that your business is bold, forward thinking and open to reinvention. It also says that you care about your employees and want them to have a comfortable, stylish environment to work in.

Classic office design – These offices have rich wood desks with leather chairs. Although the spaces are minimalistic, they include open bookshelves and filing pedestals that are carefully arranged. This style says that your business is sophisticated, traditional and detailed. Your style states that you plan on having lasting relationships with your employees and customers.

Budget office design – Your office has basic workstations with no frills or fine art. Your business office design states that you are most interested in making a profit rather than wasting money on pricey work furnishing. This mentality is suitable for a start up business with a small number of employees, who are mostly partners.

Green office design – Your style says that your main priority is taking care of Mother Earth. Green offices use sustainable materials, natural flooring and re-used furniture. Your office style reminds your employees and customers to be environmentally conscious.


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