How to choose quality wicker furniture for less?

Summary: Get the best value from your purchase of wicker furniture by: buying polyethylene based wicker, avoiding low quality weaves, and ensuring that there is solid support.

If you are looking at investing in wicker furniture, you may soon realize that wicker furniture is not cheap. Therefore, ensuring you get the best value pieces for your money should be a priority. Here are some smart tips that will help you choose quality wicker furniture for less.

Materials – Cheap Wicker is made of plastic materials that are not biodegradable. Apart from this plastic wicker will look and feel fake. Quality wicker, on the other hand, is made using Polyethylene. Polyethylene is a synthetic resin that is eco-friendly and safe. You can also look at buying strands that are infused with UV inhibitors that will prevent fading and withstand the elements.

Weave – Well-built wicker is hand woven. Look at patterns that sway and those that move to one side. Low-quality weaves are loose and stray from side to side. Remember that wicker and rattan are different. Wicker is a form weave while rattan is a type of material used to make some wicker furniture.

Support system – Low-cost wicker furniture will bend and warp over time. Look at thick aluminum frames that offer solid support while remaining relatively light. Consider a netted support system that will support and provide comfortable seating.

Written by Wicker Paradise, a provider of the finest wicker furniture. Look to them for your next wicker sofa.

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