How to decorate rooms so that they work together?

A room should connect with your entire home so that when you move from room to room your home will look like a single entity. Here are some tips on how to create a home that connects and flows.

Color – Color is an easy way to connect a home. Look at painting your whole home one color and decorating your home with a few accent colors. The color you choose doesn’t have to be a primary color, but it should make an appearance. It can also appear in the form of a painting, furnishings, and accessories. Think of pillows as decorative accents. Remember that one item in a room will not make a statement, so look at multiple items in one single

Style – Choosing a style will require some research. Start by looking at themes that you like and research online for themes that match your style. Choose a theme that is easy to create and one that suits your budget. Avoid decorating your home where each room looks different as this will be confusing and unnecessarily

Material – If you are drawn to a particular material you can use this common material in your entire home. For example, if you like wrought iron, you can include this material in your entire home by including furniture or art work from this material.

Flooring – Flooring should be the same in the entire home to prevent rooms from being disconnected. To differentiate the space add a rug or runners to create interest.

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