How to Decorate With Wicker, Rattan, and Raffia Furniture

Summary: Each home has its own unique look and style. Wicker, rattan, and raffia are often used as complimentary pieces that can highlight other pieces.

Wicker, rattan, and raffia furnishings are versatile pieces that can transform any indoor room or patio into an extravagant work of art. Not only do they add beautiful texture and dimension, but they practically come in every shape and size. Moreover, they also have an island allure that most homeowners find irresistible. This article is designed to dive deep into each of these furniture types so you can decide whether they are right for your home.


Wicker furnishings are constructed from different woven materials and can be made from a variety of plant fibers. They are light, sturdy, and surprisingly strong, making it ideal for patio and outdoor furniture. Natural wicker is best for outdoor spots that are covered by shade, while synthetic fiber can withstand both the rain and the sun.


Rattan is a fast-growing tropical plant that can be easily woven and worked into wicker. Not only is it incredibly strong and sturdy, it can also be painted or stained like any other type of wood. As such, it is an ideal pairing with wood materials, like coffee tables or chairs.


Raffia is a palm native that can be dyed and woven into textiles. Often used for everything from totes to hates to even lampshades, raffia’s irregular texture is unique in its own right. Despite its earthy origins, it has a distinct look, especially when it is wrapped around wooden furniture, like side tables or consoles. Raffia is often dyed but its natural look is also gorgeous.

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