How to furnish a holiday home?

Article by Kirby Design

If you’re looking at furnishing your holiday home and yet are on a small budget, here are some simple ideas that can create a welcoming holiday home for less.

Pick a theme – Your holiday home should have a distractive theme as this will create a mood for you, your family and friends. Consider a color theme that works well for your home and its location. For example, if your holiday home is by the beach a nautical theme will be ideal.

Furniture – Buy enough furniture to accommodate extra people and guests. An ample sized sofa, armchairs and bean bags are a good idea for the living room. Investing in dual-purpose furniture with storage at the base will also help to keep your holiday home tidy.

Use room dividers – If you have many family members and guests visiting your holiday home, including a few room dividers in bedrooms, can mean that more people can share a space.

Use the outdoors – Most holiday homes revolve around the outdoors, therefore invest in ample, comfortable outdoor seating. Using your outdoor space will also give you more space for entertaining family and friends.

The kitchen – Holidays often are memorable because of the special food we get to enjoy. Look buying a good quality oven, grill, microwave, pots, pans and utensils to make and serve family meals.

Safety information – A holiday home should also include a well-stocked first aid box, smoke alarms and a security alarm system.

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