How to Furnish a Movie Set

Summary: How a movie set looks can really help with immersion and tie the visual components together. Find the best way to make each scene feel as complete as possible.

One area that might go unnoticed to the average viewer but will definitely make a difference in how the film is received is the set design. The interior design of a building needs to be perfect for a scene to match the visual tone the director has in mind.

Find References for Inspiration

Before spending any money on furniture or decorations for the set you first need to establish what kind of visual elements the director is looking for to help tell the story. If you were tasked with decorating the inside of a house for a particular scene, it would not make sense to fill the room with any old couch foam or table without having any context. Which part of the world is the house in this film in? What time period is it from? These are the sort of questions you can ask to help you find the pieces you need to set the stage for the characters.

Spend Wisely

Another key aspect to keep in mind when working on the interior design for a movie set is to work within a budget. Even if you are not given a budget by the producers you need to be mindful of how many times a particular piece will be used. Should you purchase a new piece from The Foam Factory or would it make more sense to look for a second-hand chair online? Spending large amounts of money on a less essential piece that will only be in one shot is a quick way to burn through the film’s overall budget.

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