How to give your furniture a facelift?

Buying new furniture can be exciting, but with the prices of furniture on the rise and the quality dropping, you may want to consider updating your current pieces to create new interesting pieces that are unique instead. Here are some simple ways to update your furniture.

Paint it – Buy good quality furniture paint in shades of black, white, cream or gray and coordinate your furnishings to match. Bright bold colors are also a good idea, depending on the room and your personality. Think of shades like red, yellow or blue to make an artistic statement.

Change the hardware – You can also use spray paint or a coat of oil to darken and deepen your current furniture shade.

Embellish it with fabric or wallpaper – Jazz up your boring book shelf, cabinets or drawers with a floral or graphic patterned paper.

Add a slipcover – Put a slip cover on your sofa or chairs to give a fresh color scheme to your space. Slipcovers will freshen old furniture, hide stains and small holes. Make sure you measure your furniture before you make your slip covers to ensure they fit perfectly.

Repurpose it – If you have a chest of drawers, update this piece by taking off the shelves and making it a bookshelf or by adding baskets in colorful shades. If you have an old dresser, move it into your bathroom, an include it as a vanity by adding a vase and some colorful flowers.


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