How to Record Music in Your Closet

record-in-your-closetMusic recording has become easier than ever before as technology continues to rapidly advance. Almost anyone can record their own cover songs and original works in their own home. A closet can now be turned into a great vocal booth with just a few hundred dollars.

Finding the Right Mic

The first thing that you will want to invest in is a great mic. Blue is an audio recording company that offers mics in a reasonable price range. For under 300 dollars, you can purchase a mic that will be able to record your vocals with great quality. You will also need to remember to pick up a mic stand while you are at it.

Sound Proofing Your Closet

Acoustic foam is going to be a very important thing to purchase when you are turning your closet into a vocal booth. This is essential to creating an acoustic environment that is going to be ideal for recording your vocals. How you place this foam in your closet is going to make a big difference as well.

Bringing Your Home Studio to Life

Along with sound deadening foam, one of the most important things for your home studio is an up-to-date computer and audio recording software. You will find that these two essential items are much less expensive than they have ever been before. If you are on a budget, you can always purchase used equipment.

Once you have all of the most important parts of your studio, including a working computer, a mic, and sound proofing foam, you’ll be ready to make professional-grade recordings. With these items, you will be able to record music in your closet and have your very own home studio.

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