Integrating Your Safe With Your Home Décor

Approximately 66 percent of all burglaries that occur in the United States are home invasions. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many people choose to use a safe, like the trtl30x6 safe, to try to deter possible burglars. The question is how can you seamlessly integrate a safe to fit in with your home decor?

A Well-Hidden Safe Helps the Aesthetics

Safes like tl 30 safes are effective and not easily broken into, but the safe may not blend in with your home.

One thing you can do is hide the burglary safe in different ways, which will also increase protection. Some homeowners have installed a wall safe through the wall or behind the wall of a dresser. Most dressers are made of wood and can be easily used as a hidden door with just a few adjustments. You can also hide it under the floor; one possible place to do this is a basement.

Of course, some use this opportunity to add a piece of furniture or a few decorations that will spice up the home while hiding the safe. Some people who hide the safe under the flooring may place a decorative rug on top to tie the area together. Others may add a piece of art or a decorative mirror on the wall where they hid the safe. The possibilities are endless, and it is really up to you and how you want the safe to affect the overall look of your home.
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