Mistakes to avoid when buying furniture for Christmas

If you are planning on buying new furniture for the season, here are some guidelines to avoid to help you buy the right furniture that will spice up your living room for the season.

Assuming measurements – Measure your space and other details including the hallway, staircase, doorway or elevators. Taking accurate measurements will help you buy furniture that can be easily brought in to your home.

Scale – Although displayed furniture may look right in a large store, it may look large and cramped in your living room. Use your measurements of your space and the measurements of the furniture you intend to buy as a guide, to make sure your furniture is scaled correctly. Keep in mind that you will need space to move around without bumping into furniture.

Finishes can fade – Natural finishes like wood, leather, fabric will fade with exposure to sunlight and artificial light. Look at placing natural finishes in shadier areas of your home and artificial finishes closer to windows and other light sources.

Ignoring color – Colors can look quite different in a showroom compared to your home. Colors can look different due to the shades of your walls, curtaining and natural and artificial light sources. Consider bringing home a fabric swatch and have a look at it in your living room, before selecting your color scheme.

Durability to usage – Look at who will use your furniture and how durable it is before selecting your pieces. Remember to consider children, pets, and maintenance before making your choice.


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