Pros and cons of different types of wood

If you are planning on buying furniture, you will want to invest in furniture that fits your needs and on materials that are long-lasting. Here are a few pros and cons of different types of wood that are often used in household furniture.

Pine – Pine is an inexpensive, lightweight wood that in yellow or white. Pines color is perfect for rustic themed furniture that will not be used for long, since pine is soft and dents easily. Look at using pine for kid’s rooms or spaces that are not often used.

Cherry – Cherry is an expensive wood that has straight grains and ranges from red to blond in color. This wood is best for clean-lined furniture from dining room tables to living room furniture.

Maple – This creamy white wood is hard and therefore long-lasting. Use maple for furniture that is often used like kitchen cabinets and bedroom dressers. You can also stain maple to match other furniture pieces or themes. But if the stain is not sealed your furniture properly can look blotchy.

Oak – Oak is a grainy hardwood that is red, brown or white. Looking at using this would for arts and crafts pieces as it is very durable.

Walnut – This chocolate brown/yellowish wood is great for headboards, antique-style dining tables, and mantels. If you are looking to add intricate carvings to your pieces, this wood is your best choice as it is strong and stable.

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