Revamp Your Boat with Foam

Revamp-Your-Boat-with-FoamWritten by: The Foam Factory

Now that you have your boat, you want to make sure it’s comfortable for all of your passengers, not just the captain. That means finding comfortable seats. But of course, cushions are notoriously difficult to take care of due to their constant exposure to the sun and water, which is even worse if you sail in salt waters. But whether you’re looking for regular seat cushions or high-quality yacht cushions, foam cushions are the way to go.

Foam cushions, especially Dryfast foam, are perfect for your boat because they allow for easy drainage of water, and evaporation of any remaining moisture so that you don’t have to worry about mold or unpleasant mildew smells. Foam is also anti-microbial, which is perfect for boat cushions used in tropical waters. If you order custom-cut cushions online, you can have new sheets cut to any size or specification you may be looking for, and you and your passengers will be comfortably on their way.

The great thing about foam is that it has a much longer lifespan than normal cushion material, and it resists sunlight just as well as moisture, so depending on the type of foam you buy, the climate you use it in, and how often the foam gets used, you can expect the foam to last up to seven years or even longer.

Not only can you get marine foam cushions for seats or benches, but you can also find larger cuts for mattresses and even longer cushions in a variety of shapes.

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