Save Space in the Bedroom with These Tips

The bedroom functions best when you have more than enough room to move around in, so space saving is important for houses of any size. Walk-in closets, organizers and furniture with storage are all important methods to conserve space and keep things roomy. From downgrading your memory foam mattress, to finding other ways to store items around the room, these tips will help you enjoy your sanctuary for sleep.

Downgrade Furniture

A king size memory foam mattress takes up substantial space in the bedroom. You should also remove any furniture that causes clutter around the room, rather than solving it. For example, vanities that you don’t actually use for anything other than storage, or bookshelves that aren’t full of books. If you can’t properly utilize that space, cut it.

Downgrading to a queen memory foam mattress and frame will save a few inches around the bed. Add some storage below the frame to help cut down on closet clutter, and to try and reduce the pileup that can happen atop dressers. As for night stands, it’s tempting to keep them around just for holding water or your alarm clock. If that’s all you plan to keep them for, toss them and downgrade to a small table on each side of the bed.


Storage is crucial, and under the bed is an excellent place to put it. If you do collect many books, shelving around the room can offer an attractive and modern look to your bedroom. Utilize closet space more effectively by adding shoe carriers, or installing additional shelving for the smaller items in your life, such as ties or pairs of socks.

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