Setting up an efficient laundry room

An efficiently set up laundry room will help you tackle your laundry with ease. Here are a few tips on how to set up your laundry.

Transporting and sorting – Look at placing a laundry basket in each family member’s bedroom or bathroom. Then place three laundry baskets in the laundry, one for lights, one for darks and one for hand-washables. Diving your laundry at the start will save you a lot of time as you will have less sorting to do.

Dabbing, Pouring, Restoring – Most often stains will have to be removed, before placing items in the wash. Look placing a table, or if you have a sink handy, this will make removing stains a lot easier. Keep boxes or baskets to group cleaning products and brushes.

Drying – If you have clothes that shrink in the dryer look at placing a collapsible rack in your laundry.

Folding – You can fold clothes on a table but make sure that you have a stool to sit on if it includes a lot of laundries. Clothes out of the dryer are best folded right away as they will crush

Hanging – You can also hang items that are hung in your wardrobe as soon as they come out of the dryer. Buy extra hangers and leave a large stack in the laundry.

Ironing – An ironing board that folds away with a good quality steam iron is a must in the laundry.


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