The anatomy of an outdoor cushion

While not all cushions are constructed in the same way, they all have the same sort of characteristic and layering. Looking at a cross-section of a cushion, we will probably see layers of foam and fiber along with some fabric. The most common construction is a foam, surrounded by a layer of batting followed by a layer of silk film. Those same layering concepts can be applied to any cushion to suit your needs. Here are a few changes that can be done:

Shape and support

Choose a foam for the cushion based on how it should function. Closed cell foam is used without any additional layering. Fiberfill or compressed polyester are quite soft and will need additional foam support. Polyurethane foam is ideal for a rounded look as it can be wrapped in batting.


Batting is added as a layer to foam to give it a round plump look. The batting is the glue to the main foam using an adhesive of some sort. Batting wrapped around foam by covering at least two and most often three.

Silk film

A silk film layer inside a cushion will provide additional protection against moisture. The silk film is a soft, noiseless layer that can be wrapped over the innards of any cushion. In order to affix the silk layer, wrap it around the foam and use a vacuum-pressed against the foam. This will pull the silk layer in providing a tight snug fit. The foam will expand again to its proper size.


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