The basic types of Victorian mailboxes

Victorian mailboxes get their name from the styling common during the reign of the Queen of Great Britain, Queen Victoria. How do you differentiate one of the many types of Victorian mailboxes? It is all the various embellishments you will find on them. It is not necessarily the style you will find on Shingle, Gothic Revival, or Italianate Victorian mailboxes. You can get a broad range of such mailboxes from a retailer like, including but not limited to the following three archetypes:


Picture the iconic phone booth from a Doctor Who episode, and that is what you can expect a Victorian tower mailbox to look like. It is as Victorian as you could get, imposing, solid, tall, and full of crests and amazing levels of detail. While black is the most popular color, you will also find bronze and other Victorian-era colors.


You will also find the Victorian styling on pedestal and wall mount mailboxes. However, unlike the tower mailboxes, these types are more of a modern design that reflects a lot of the American culture that is part of modern mailbox design.

Post Mount

Much like the pedestal mailbox, this mailbox design borrows heavily from both sides of the channel. The Victorian designs blend well with a French flair that matches nicely with the modern Victorian home design. Much like the above two designs, the most common color is black for post mount Victorian Mailboxes.

As with any mailbox, you should select a design which matches the Victorian aesthetic of your home.

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