The various applications of polyurethane

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Polyurethanes are formed by reacting a polyol and a diisocyanate with suitable catalysts and additives. A wide variety of diisocyanates and a wide range of polyols can be used to produce polyurethane. As a result, there is a broad spectrum of materials can be produced that fit the definition of polyurethane from threads to flexible polyurethane foam. Here are a few of the real-world applications:

Apparel – Once it was discovered that polyurethane could be made into a thread, it was combined with nylon to make lightweight stretch fabric. This process has been improved and refined over the years and now a wide variety of fabrics can be made. This includes spandex to elastomers. These flexible fibers are also used in athletic garments.

Furnishings – Flexible foam is probably the most popular of the applications. It is used for everything from a foam mattress Canada, bedding, and upholstered furniture. It is a durable, supportive and comfortable material for use in any cushioning role. This applies to both outdoor and indoor uses, where different forms of foam are used.

Marine – The popularity of boating owes much to polyurethane. This improvement in technology is what seals hulls from water, weather and even corrosion. In addition, the advancements in foam provide the comforts that we have at home, out in the water. The special cushioning needs are taken care of thanks to close cell foam. Even the engine, motors, and belts benefit from polyurethane products.


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