Three Common Legal Disputes Most Construction Companies Will Face

When you own a construction company, there are a few legal disputes that commonly arise more than others. With the help of construction consulting services, you can manage disputes a bit more efficiently than simply settling with the customer, or taking the issue to trial. Here are a list of the common disputes companies are likely to face.


One of the common issues is a deficient design, where the end result might not be what was projected. According to Lyle Charles, this issue is typically out of the contractor’s hands. It may be something as subjective as surveying the site and not liking the appearance, to noticing something is off or not up to code prior to building it. It’s something that needs to be addressed, and can lead to a length dispute.


Another dispute that is seen with construction companies is about time. The company might say that the project will be done in a certain amount of time, such as a month, but it really takes a few days or weeks longer. A construction expert witness can offer details about the time that was stated in any contract that was made or any statements that were made before the job started.


Probably the most common form of dispute is related to personal injury, or disputes over work (hours paid, work stoppages and more). Construction claim preparation will require meticulously poring over dozens of documents looking for evidence of what was completed and paid and scheduled. That’s in addition to fighting the claim itself.

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