Why your garage door might not be working

Garage doors are one of the things we use every that we take for granted. You just get in the car, open the gate and leave. What happens when it doesn’t work anymore? You have to get off, manually open the gate, take the car out and then manually close and lock it again. This takes more time and can be frustrating, especially when you’re dressed to go to work. It is even worse if you are in a hurry. Garage doors stop working for various reasons, some big and some small enough that you can fix yourself. Here are a few:

Remote control batteries

This is one of the most frequent and least obvious of all the issues. Often when the garage doesn’t open, it is usually because the batteries in the remote control or the transmitter on the garage door are low or dead.

Photo eyes

There are two sensors at the bottom of the garage door that prevent the door closing when the beam is broken. This is to prevent the door closing in on an object like a car or a person. When this is out of alignment the door can cease to function. Call in garage door services to take care of it.

Track issues

When the track of your garage door goes out of alignment, there can be serious repercussions. In this case, look for any gaps in the rollers or bends. These are definite signs of track issues and are serious enough to need garage door repair.


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