6 Reasons to love a gray sofa

Most people think neutral colors like gray are boring and lack personality. However, here are 6 reasons why a gray sofa can be one of the most versatile sofa’s you ever owned. It’s the most neutral, neutral – Because gray is a mix of white and black and has little undertones, it can mix with […]

A guide to DIY Cushion Covers

Written by Wicker Paradise Buying a new set of furniture can be quite expensive. A good alternative is to replace your cushion covers. Making your own covers on the other hand, will reduce your cost even further and be a lot cheaper than taking your furniture to a upholstery shop. The extra money you save […]

6 Tiny Bedrooms ideas

Furnishing and keeping a tiny bedroom neat, can be a challenge. But since space is at a premium, tiny bedrooms are becoming the norm. Here’s how to make the most of your space and not feel like you’re cramped. Create Depth With Mirrors – Mirrors can look like additional windows and therefore provide the illusion […]

How to Find the Right Type of Foam For Boat Owners

Written by: The Foam Factory Boat foam is a specially-formulated type of foam that has a structure designed for water use. The importance of purchasing boat cushions goes beyond providing a dry and comfortable experience for your guests when they’re riding in style. Rather, it’s crucial in that it ensures that your cushions don’t become […]