4 Home Design Setups Rules

There are several ways to arrange furniture. Since it’s an art, there’s always room to make mistakes. In other words, a flawless room requires trial and error. That said, here are 4 rules of home design setup that experts consider tricks of the trade: 1: Couches Should Have a Little Breathing Room Giving couches a […]


The Importance of Outdoor Cushions

Written by Wicker Paradise Every home should involve at least a few features. Most have the obvious ones. There’s the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. There’s a master bedroom and at least a bathroom or two. After that, though, many homeowners strive to add some form of outdoor space. An outdoor area […]


2 Low Cost Chairs from IKEA

While there are a number of chairs that are high-priced but ergonomically safe, there are others that can fit a budget of about $200 and no more. Of course, these chairs don’t have as many bells and whistles like the others but it should suffice as long as you do not spend too much time […]