A guide to DIY Cushion Covers

Written by Wicker Paradise Buying a new set of furniture can be quite expensive. A good alternative is to replace your cushion covers. Making your own covers on the other hand, will reduce your cost even further and be a lot cheaper than taking your furniture to a upholstery shop. The extra money you save […]

6 Tiny Bedrooms ideas

Furnishing and keeping a tiny bedroom neat, can be a challenge. But since space is at a premium, tiny bedrooms are becoming the norm. Here’s how to make the most of your space and not feel like you’re cramped. Create Depth With Mirrors – Mirrors can look like additional windows and therefore provide the illusion […]

Different bed designs

Today’s beds come in a number of styles. If you’re planning on purchasing a new bed, firstly have a look at your current bed. Look at its style, size, mattress and other features. Have a look at your space and ask yourself how much space you are willing to let your bed take up. You […]

Revamp Your Boat with Foam

Written by: The Foam Factory Now that you have your boat, you want to make sure it’s comfortable for all of your passengers, not just the captain. That means finding comfortable seats. But of course, cushions are notoriously difficult to take care of due to their constant exposure to the sun and water, which is […]

How to shop at Ikea

Ikea is a great choice for many, since the stores are easily accessible with ample parking as well as the prices at Ikea are very affordable. However, sometimes the large store design and the unlimited amount of merchandise, can make the whole process overwhelming. Follow the simple tips below to make your experience a memorable […]